Licensure Preparation for Internationally Educated Nurses

Mature student status (19 years of age or older). Non native English speakers require proof of score of 60% on ULI ESL testing (or equivalent from other standardized testing mechanisms). Internationally or locally trained professionals with degree, diploma or certificate in the field, as well as clinical experience. Domestic students require minimum score of 7 on Wonderlic Aptitude test and pass an interview with the ULI admissions department. International students need to pass an interview with ULI admissions department.  May be required to take ULI ESL program to bring English to the prerequisite level of acceptance.

Nursing Standards in BC: for RN’s OR LPN’s

Choose your stream:        
RN’s       LPN’s  
Practice Standards     Practice Standards  
Scope of Practice     Scope of Practice  
Code of Ethics     Code of Ethics  
Nurse Client Relationship   Working with RN”S  
Responsibility and Accountability Practice Consultation  



160 Hours

Professional Standards for Health Professionals (Canadian Overview)

40 Hours

Nursing Exam Preparation

Choose your Health Care Specialization:

SEC & NCLEX Exam Preparation (Canadian Registered Nurse)  OR

SEC & NCLEX Exam Preparation (LPN)

Nursing exam prep is intended for internationally trained registered nurses who need to work while preparing for the SEC & NCLEX Exam Preparation (CRN or LPN)

240 Hours

Applications & Technologies

MS Office 2013 (choose two from the following)

MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook

Keyboarding, Communication for the Health Care Industry

80 hours

Job Search Skills

Employment/Practicum Readiness

20 hours

Advanced English for the Health Care Professional

(may be exempted if score 7 or higher)

60 hours

Customer Service (World Host)

7 hours

Work Experience


200 hours

Courses may be modified or substituted as required to facilitate success in standardized testing or changes in standardized requirements. Alternate courses may be chosen to replace exempted course requirements based on experience and/or testing results. There is voluntary additional support available with the instructor at $50/hour. Course delivery subject to enrollment and may be altered.

Course and Hours Details
Courses Hours
Nursing Standards in BC for RNs Or LPNs 160
Professional Standards for Health Professionals (Canadian Overview) 40
Nursing Exam Preparation NCAS & NCLEX 240
Customer Service (World Host)  7
Applications & Technologies (choose any two of the following) 120
MS Windows Level 1 & 2 60
MS Word Level 1 & 2  60
MS Excel Level 1 & 2 60
MS Access Level 1 & 2 60
MS PowerPoint Level 1 & 2 60
MS Outlook Level 1 & 2 60
General Skills 80
Keyboarding Level 1 OR Keyboarding Level 2 40
Communication in the Health Care Industry  40
Job Search Skills 80
Employment Readiness 20
English Conversation  60
Co-op Work Term  200

                                                                                                        Total Hours: 927 Hrs 


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