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Healthcare & Nursing

The purpose of this facility is to allow students to gain experiences and understand the Canadian health care system. ULI's health care and nursing program open doors for students interested in the health care and nursing profession by preparing students to work as a medical office assistant, LPN or RN, and giving hands-on experience in the health care field through work experience. The work experiences gives students new insights into the multi-cultural environment in Canada.

If you are an international student interested in employment in the health care and nursing fields, we have great programs in which you can learn about the Canadian health care system, enhance your English scores, and gain valuable work experience, too. Working in broader culturally diverse settings brings value whether the international students plans to return home or remain in Canada.

At ULI, you can prepare to work as a medical office assistant, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN) with certification and licensing preparation that will help you whether you decide to train for work in Canada or in your home country.

*To qualify for our nursing exam program, students must be registered nurses in good standing in their country of origin.

Doctor's Appointment

Program Duration: 847 Hours

  • At 20 hours per week: 42.4 weeks - 9.8 months

  • At 25 hours per week: 33.9 weeks - 7.9 months

Before Surgery

Program Duration: 1427 Hours

  • At 20 hours per week: 71.4 weeks - 16.5 months


Program Duration: 745 Hours

  • At 20 hours per week: 35.5 weeks - 8.1 months

Earn Your Canadian Standard Nursing Upgrade Diploma
or Your Medical Official Assistant Diploma

QuickStart Diploma - 7 Months

Full Diploma - 1-2 Years

Continuing Education - Single Courses

There are Common Characteristics of People in
Healthcare and Nursing

Nurses, nurse’s aids, or workers in medical offices or in any part of the health care system must have a sympathetic and compassionate attitude towards the elderly, the sick, and the disabled, and those who are in pain. People in health care need professional and practical knowledge to carry out the many tasks associated with the care of patients:

  • Good Communication skills – You need to have good oral and written communication skills because you must be able to explain the treatments that have been ordered for patients in a way that offers encouragement and promotes co-operation. You also must be able to correctly record vital signs and other patient information crucial to their care.

  • Attention to Detail – You must be a careful worker in every way, from knowing how to move patients safely to carrying out instructions and making accurate reports.

  • Physical and Emotional Strength – Not only must you have the physical strength to move patients, push their wheelchairs and beds and wash and bathe them, you have to be able to stand on your feet for many hours. You also need the maturity to clean up after accidents and to carry bedpans. As well, you will need the emotional strength to deal with the death of patients that you come know and love.

If this field is right for you and you are interested in certification and license preparation for health care and nursing, please contact us for more information.

If you are an international student, you can find the programs that will be a wonderful asset in helping qualify you for training and working in the health care and nursing fields in Canada, and in your home country, too, if you plan to return.

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