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Our Students Say

Claudia, Computerized Accounting Diploma

“What I like about my program is I have a great teacher who helps me all the time with understanding the difference in the cultures of Brazil and Canada, explain the concepts clearly (sometimes a hundred times!) and the school is alwyas open for me to do the homework for the whole week (even though the classes are only three days per week). I can come in anytime and always feel welcome by all the staff."

More Testimonials

  • “ULI offers flexible schedules that allowed me to study and learn around my hectic lifestyle.”

  • “I appreciate the time I spent here, learning and upgrading my skills. Your assistance has been rewarding and inspiring. I was able to stretch myself at times and discovered that I had it in me to succeed! Thank you! I look forward to what is in store for me as a career.”

  • “Thanks to the careful consideration of the program that would best lead me to my goals I am prepared to be a property manager.  ULI brought in the most qualified teachers and speakers to help me understand the Canadian way.”

  • “I have not only learned new skills but I have also had a lot of fun doing it.  I have met such wonderful people, staff and students.  You have wonderful people working there, always so kind and friendly.  I just wanted to say thank you as I really enjoyed the time I spent at ULI.”

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