Programs At ULI

Our mission is to ensure that you find as well as keep a job locally or internationally. Our proven programs will help you get the education and training you need – all to assist you to obtain and succeed with your job.

As a private career college with over 21 years of student successes, we offer a variety of short term courses as well as diploma and certificate programs in many fields to help you succeed:

Global Trade & Marketing
A global trade and marketing diploma can be your entry into an exciting job in the growing international import and export trade and marketing industry. You can choose from the variety of courses offered at ULI to get you right to where you want to be.
Healthcare & Nursing
If you are a foreign student interested in employment in the health care and nursing fields, we have great programs in which you can learn about the Canadian health care system, enhance your English scores, and gain valuable work experience, too.
Hospitality & Tourism
There is a shortage of employees in the hospitality and tourism industry. Now is the time to jump on board. In as little as seven months you can earn a diploma and be working or upgrading your career in a hospitality and tourism industry. Including: event management, food services, accommodations.
English (ESL) Diploma
Through English as a second language (ESL) training, you will learn the essential language skills you need to be able to work and enjoy living in countries like Canada where the main language of communication is English.
Employer Provided Programs
1. Accounting & Payroll Program 2. Warehouse Abilities


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