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Grade 12 and equivalent OR Mature student status (19 years of age or older). Nonnative English speakers require proof of score of 50% on ULI ESL testing (or equivalent of CLB 4 from other standardized testing mechanisms). International students need to pass an interview with ULI admissions department.

"This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training."

Mother and a Child

Caregiver Diploma with Co-Op

The Caregiver with Co-op diploma is an intensive program designed especially for preparation to provide personalized care to children and older adults. The program will give the knowledge and develop the attitude, approach and skills critical to the well-being, comfort, safety and health of the clients. It prepares students to provide companionship, assistance with keeping appointments, medication reminders, assistance with household chores, and encourage and assist in participating in an active and healthy lifestyle. The Co-op will provide hands-on experience of caring for children.


Program Organization

Medical Terminology for Caregiver - 60 hours 

Caregiver - An Introduction - 60 hours 

English for Academic Purpose 201 - 150 hours 

English for Academic Purpose 202 - 150 hours 

Communication & Interpersonal Skills as a Caregiver - 60 hours 

Growth & Development, Body Systems, Common Diseases & Health Conditions - 140 hours 

Personal Health, Hygiene and Care - 140 hours 

Health & Safety - 140 hours 

Home Management and Professional Development - 140 hours 

Employment Readiness - 20 hours 

Co-op (Work Experience) - 800 hours 

Total Hours: 1860 hours

Courses may be modified or substituted as required to facilitate success in standardized testing or changes in standardized requirements. Alternate courses may be chosen to replace exempted course requirements based on experience and/or testing results.100 hours Exam Preparation may be included in total hours. There is voluntary additional support available with the instructor(s) at $50/hour. Course delivery subject to enrollment and may be altered.

"This program is not recognized by the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry and graduates are not eligible for registration"

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