Caregiver Diploma

Mature student status (19 years of age or older). Non native English speakers require proof of score of 60% on ULI ESL testing (or equivalent from other standardized testing mechanisms). Domestic students require minimum score of 7 on Wonderlic Aptitude test and pass an interview with the ULI admissions department. International students need to pass an interview with ULI admissions department. May be required to take ULI ESL program to bring English to the prerequisite level of acceptance.


Caregiver diploma

940 hours

Medical Terminology for Caregiver  60 hours

Caregiver – An Introduction  60 hours

Communication & Interpersonal Skills as a Caregiver 60 hours

MS Word Level 1 & 2  60 hours

MS Excel Level 1 & 2  60 hours

MS Outlook Level 1 & 2  60 hours

Growth & Development, Body Systems, Common Diseases & Health Conditions  140 hours

Personal Health, Hygiene and Care  140  hours

 Health & Safety  140  hours

Home Management and Professional Development  140  hours

Employment Readiness  20  hours

Courses may be modified or substituted as required to facilitate success in standardized testing or changes in standardized requirements. Alternate courses may be chosen to replace exempted course requirements based on experience and/or testing results.100 hours Exam Preparation may be included in total hours. There is voluntary additional support available with the instructor(s) at $50/hour. Course delivery subject to enrollment and may be altered.


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