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Mature student status (19 years of age or older). Non native English speakers require proof of score of 60% on ULI ESL testing (or equivalent from other standardized testing mechanisms). Domestic students require minimum score of 7 on Wonderlic Aptitude test and pass an interview with the ULI admissions department. International students need to pass an interview with ULI admissions department.  May be required to take ULI ESL program to bring English to the prerequisite level of acceptance.

Hotel Restaurant

Program Description

Hospitality and Tourism Fundamentals diploma is designed to provide a strong foundation in key concepts and systems in hospitality and tourism industry. Comprehensive knowledge of all major sectors such as food and beverage, events and conferences, lodging and front office operations, sales and marketing, business communications, and major management functions are introduced. The program also offers practicum opportunity that effectively connects with the tourism industry, thereby synchronizing knowledge and skills valued by employers in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Hospitality & Tourism Skills

(choose six from Canadian or American Certifications)

American Certification (AH&LA)
Canadian Certification (Go2 BC)
Managing Housekeeping Operations
Housekeeping Room Attendant
Managing Technology in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry
Event Coordinator / Event Manager
Hospitality Sales & Marketing
Hospitality/Tourism Sales Manager
The Lodging & Food Service Industry
Tourism Essentials
Managing Service in Food & Beverage Operations
Food & Beverage Manager
Managing Front Office Operations
Front Desk Agent
Supervision in the Hospitality/Tourism Industry
Food & Beverage Management
Food & Beverage Server

Note:  Courses may be substituted or changed based on outside certification
requirements and/or prior learning

360 hours

Digital Skills

(Choose two)

MS Word

MS Excel

MS Access

MS PowerPoint

MS Outlook

120 hours

Skills Certification

Customer Service (SuperHost Training)
First Aid
Serving It Right

30 hours


General Skills 

English Conversation

60 hours

Total Hours: 570 hours

Courses may be modified or substituted as required to facilitate success in standardized testing or changes in standardized requirements. Alternate courses may be chosen to replace exempted course requirements based on experience and/or testing results. There is voluntary additional support available with the instructor at $50/hour. Course delivery subject to enrollment and may be altered.

"This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of advanced Education, Skills & Training."

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