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Planning for International Students arriving from outside Canada

ULI is a Designated Learning Institution and is certified by Private Training Institutes Branch of BC (#1606).  To ensure your experience to come to ULI runs smoothly, ULI has ongoing compliance with federal, provincial, and public health orders with safe operating guidelines as a focus.  We are obligated to help you meet safety requirements and report on your arrival, self-isolation process, attendance, and progress to IRCC as requested and on a quarterly basis.  Border reopening and risks of international travel is changing as the pandemic of Covid-19 unfolds. 

Please take note of some of the requirements in this document to ensure your success on arriving in Canada, and in the classroom (virtual for now – make sure you have a computer to access our classes). https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/arrivecan.html


You will have received this booklet upon your confirmation of having received or been approved for your Study Permit.  Please acknowledge your receipt of this package by sending us an email to our Director of Student Services:  Mousheera@uli.ca    Please confirm your arrival date, flight information, your housing plans for self-isolation for 14 days upon arrival. 


We are here to help you with your settlement and Covid-19 compliance needs.  Following is information you will have to have secured before you will be allowed in Canada.  This list is not complete and may change based on Federal, provincial, safety and legal requirements as we all navigate these unusual times.

  • Mandatory self-isolation for 14 days for yourself and any family members you may be travelling with in suitable housing.  Have the address handy.
  • Safe transportation to self-isolation destination with no stops from airport to isolation
  • Prove you have suitable supports and resources for food, medical care, mental health supports
  • Be sure you have reviewed ULI’s safe operating plan, your specific program requirements and come with a computer or access to a computer to take part in virtual education

Prepare:  Housing/travel arrangements from the airport/quarantine on arrival

  • ULI does not provide housing or student residences however does work with several homestay companies to help you with needs.  We work with organization as needed and subcontract to specialists who have displayed Covid-19 plans.
  • If you have your own arrangements be aware travel from the airport must be directly to your destination, wearing a mask.  We strongly advise private transportation to avoid public transit or exposure for yourself and others.
  • Let us know if you need help before you arrive and we will arrange, at your expense, for airport pick up and drop off
  • We must have this information in advance of your arrival to ensure you are well looked after in Canada, follow quarantine requirements, and have the resources you need to be well and participate in classes during the 14 day isolation.
  • We are obligated to ensure you are not in contact with vulnerable individuals, living in a group or communal setting (except for family members), have access to food and medical needs such as prescriptions as needed.  It is ULI’s obligation to ensure you quarantine completely for 14 days and we monitor daily.
  • Testing for Covid-19 is readily available in Canada, as is the support related to stigma and anti-racism https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/covid-19-testing-reducing-stigma.html

Post Arrival

ULI is responsible for ensuring communication with you and any co-arriving family members to:

  • Regular and robust monitoring during the 14 day self isolation period.  Our Director of Student Services, Mousheera, will arrange for daily phone calls to your contact number and ask you to remember to stay isolated even if feeling well.
  • Director of Student Service will stay in touch about your study schedule, your technical needs to participate in class (computer, internet, access to resources), provide an orientation and answer any program or contact related questions you may have
  • Director of Student Services or her delegate will ensure you have access to the help you need for your mental wellbeing and integration into the school life
  • ULI provides resources at end for your exploration:


Education Delivery

Remote Learning

Normal Institutional expectations for respectful work and learning environments remain in place as they apply to in person classes during our online learning period and any isolation period

Experiential Learning

The Experience component of some programs requires participating in person with other organizations in the community.  During the Covid-19 period there may be limits to completing this component based on approval of joint safety plans or the allowed participation by public health or the facilities in question.  Where allowable or possible, this portion of the program may be offered virtually.  http://www.bccdc.ca/Health-Professionals-Site/Documents/COVID19_StudentPracticeEducationGuidelineHCS.pdf

Educational Activities

With the intention of delivering and or supporting student learning some activities may be allowed in person using Covid-19 guidelines.  Examples may be as follows but not exclusive or inclusive.  Currently all these activities are online, cancelled or special arrangements have been met:

Computer labs, field activities, program advising or career support, co-op, practicum


Risk Mitigation Strategies

ULI has a Safety handbook available for your reference for further details.  There are also regular communication from Public Health Authorities we follow to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Refer to our Safety Guide.  Following are some examples:

Physical Distancing

ULI offers online classes, simultaneous timing or special arrangements can be made for asynchronization, online testing mechanisms, markers are on floors if visit to campus required, drop in limited access – appointments welcome, scheduling for use of facilities mandatory to ensure safe distance in labs, classrooms and general areas.


Open windows where possible, follow WorkSafeBC guidance, consulted with landlord re ventilation systems, installed barriers with admin team and mobile barriers as needed on campus


Following is a list of existing requirements, with room for additional evolving needs as directed by PHO:

Ensure all visitors, students, staff complete Covid-19 wellness questionnaire, staff knows the process to follow should anyone feel ill while at school, maintain a sign in procedure for students and visitors, Limit on campus participation to mandatory needs for program completion campus times; increased cleaning schedules if it becomes necessary to have on campus participation, disinfectant and masks readily available, handwashing and masks easily accessed, limited number of staff, visitors, stakeholders on campus, prioritized required lab time scheduling to accommodate safe numbers for licensing or third part certification requirements, where allowed by regulator, virtual labs will be provided,

Please refer to ULI Safety Protocol available on our website and on campus

PPE and Masks

When physical distancing may not be possible to maintain, use of masks and/or ppe is mandatory.  This is needed for common spaces as well.


Faculty, Staff and Students

  • Self-assess daily for symptoms of Covid 19 prior to entering campus by filling in form at front reception or take online assessment
  • Read CDC BC, ULI safety document, and the resources shared to minimize the risk of spread of Covid-19 http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/guidance-documents
  • Stay current with announcements by reading our communications documents:  emails, announcements, newsletters etc.
  • Follow distancing, mask wearing, hand washing protocols before entering workplace and during workday with no exceptions
  • Remember to report any unsafe conditions or acts to Director of Student Services, Mousheera@uli.ca.


Campus Visitors and other Stakeholders

  • Self-assess before entering campus, wash hands, and keep distance
  • Anyone who refuses to take part in a self-assessment practice will be denied entry to the school


Useful links before, after and during your stay in Canada:


Other information:

Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19: How to use a mask: https://www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/health-safety/posters/help-prevent-spread-covid-19-how-to-use-mask?lang=en

Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19: Handwashing:


COVID-19 Health and Safety: Cleaning and Disinfecting:


Help prevent the spread of COVID-19: Cover coughs and sneezes


Help prevent the spread of COVID-19: Occupancy Limit:


Help prevent the spread of COVID-19: Entry check for visitors:


Help prevent the spread of COVID-19: Entry check for visitors:




“Please ask about ULI’s Covid-19 Safety Plan


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